Collaboration, Creativity, Compassion


To help you build yourself on point, we use three very important principles, The 3 Cs: 


Whether you’re a Private Training client or a Class client, our instructors meet on a regular basis to discuss your progress and goals. We share notes, charts, and formulas to make sure you get the best experience possible in our studio. This way, should one of us need to step in as a substitute, we're already familiar with your needs. 


It's one thing to know the "what" of an exercise, but it’s an entirely different thing to understand the "why." With true comprehension of both, our instructors are able to put a creative twist on classic exercises to ensure that your workout is efficient, fun, and effective. Through a fusion of Pilates and Corrective Exercise, our instructors have created a broad repertoire of workouts that will continue to surprise and challenge you.


OnPointe Pilates was built with sweat and smiles. We truly care about the well-being of each and every person who walks into our studio. Some of the exercises might initially feel uncomfortable or difficult, but with a little TLC from us, you will learn and grow at your own pace. And, historically, we are pretty good about catching awkward or confusing moments before they happen to help you build confidence with every move you make.