Travel Workout #3: Beach Bums


Summer means warm weather, we all know what warm weather brings: shorts! Whether you’re rockin chubbies or daisy dukes, the summer heat gives you a chance to show off your toned lower half. We put together a mini lower body workout so you can feel good about your legs and booty all vacation long.

Warm-up: Bridges

We recommend starting off with our Oceanside Abs workout. Then, to warm up your legs, start lying down with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Find your neutral spine and take an inhale. As you exhale, tuck your pelvis, drawing your navel into your spine. Leading from the tailbone, peel your spine off the ground one vertebrae at a time until your hips are lifted. Pause at the top to inhale, then exhale as you roll down. Make sure you’re keeping your abs engaged the entire time by pulling your hip bones towards your lower ribs. Do 10 of these.

1) Bridges with squeezes

Roll up into your bridge (keeping your abs engaged!). At the top, squeeze your knees together, release the squeeze, then roll down through your spine. At the bottom, squeeze your knees, then release. Do 5.

On the next set, instead of squeezing your knees together, press your knees outward, then return your legs to parallel. Do 5 of these, then repeat both versions.

2) Fire hydrant series

Find a table position with your knees under your hips and your palms under your shoulders. Extend your right leg behind you, being careful not to lift your right hip or let your belly drop. Pulse the leg up towards the sky 10 times.

Keeping your right leg straight, pulse it across your centerline towards your left leg without letting your hips move. Do this 10 times.

Finally, bend your right knee towards the floor as if you’re going to lower it down. Keeping everything else still (abs on!), open the right leg out to the side like a dog at a fire hydrant. Try for 10. Whew! Now repeat on the other side.

Bonus!: For an extra ab challenge, reach the opposite arm out in front of you as you do these. Just be diligent about keeping your hips and shoulders square.

3) Quad burner

Stand with your feet wide and legs turned out. Reach your arms out to the sides and bend your knees over your toes. See how low you can sit, but be careful not to let your back arch or your booty stick out. Per usual, keep your abdominals pulled in. Bend your knees over your toes, then straighten. Do 5, staying down on the 5th one to do 10 pulses. Straighten your legs to come up.

Sit low again and stay down. Lift and lower your right heel 10 times without letting anything else move. Repeat with the left heel. Straighten your legs, lower down again, and repeat lifting both heels 10 times. 

Bonus!: For an extra arm challenge, do these while holding something in your hands—you can use small weights if you have them, or improvise with whatever you have with you (wine bottles, perhaps?).

Next week, we’ll deliver one more workout to complete our travel series. Try them out and let us know what you think!

Author: Ali Weeks