Build Yourself Spotlight - Kaitlyn Rhoades

Our tagline, Build Yourself. OnPointe, reflects that everyone has their own unique way of building themselves up. At OnPointe Training, we use our expert instructors, state-of-the-art equipment, and compassion to help you build yourself in whatever way you choose. 

I chatted with CEO and Studio Owner Kaitlyn Rhoades to see what it means to her to Build Yourself. OnPointe.

What made you want to open your own studio?

I wanted to open a place that was very open to everybody. I did not want there to be a limit on clientele based on ability, age, or fitness level. I wanted to create a space for the people in between, a comfortable space for beginner or advanced students to get exactly what they need because Pilates was originally meant to be for everybody.

What is your definition of building yourself?

Knowing that you’re capable of more than just one thing, growing into what makes you happy. Working towards a goal — and goals never end.

How do you personally build yourself?

My goal is to take Pilates 3 times a week and go cycling once a week. When I can do that, it clears my head, lets the creativity flow, and helps me make good business decisions. I also love meal prep! Sundays I love going on Pinterest or getting creative myself and making something. Sometimes it’s a huge flop and I can laugh about it, or sometimes it’s awesome and that’s great!

How do you help build your clients up?

I build up my clients with my relationships with them, by being relatable. Dancing and moving around the country so much, I’ve had life experiences and so many injuries. Teaching is about storytelling, it’s about getting to know your clients and being a real person. The fitness industry has become this Instagrammed, look at me type of thing, with people making it look like it’s all about drinking green drinks and doing ab work. It’s about being honest with clients, saying when it’s been a hard day or when it’s been a great day. Listening to what they’ve been through builds me up as well.

If your clients could walk away feeling one thing, what would it be?


How does being in OnPointe Training give clients confidence?

At OnPointe, we make sure they’re comfortable the entire time. Especially if they’re beginners and don’t know if they are doing it 100% right. My job is to make sure they can walk out the door knowing they are building something up. We support them; we’re not going to let them fall or fail. 

What's the inspiration behind the studio’s name? 

I was working with a client who had several injuries, and at the same time I was brainstorming names for the studio. I was nit-picking at her hip, her knee, her ankle, everything, and then had her do a squat. She said, “You’re the only one who keeps me right on point.” We just looked at each other and said, that’s the name of the studio!

What's the inspiration behind the studio's new logo? 

I wanted something completely original. I wanted something that had a clean, classy, elegant look, but yet developed. It builds itself. It’s something that can be scaled down or can be scaled up. It can grow with us as we get bigger. Developing it was one of the hardest processes I’ve ever been through, but it was amazing seeing exactly what I saw in my head coming to life in an image.

What’s your vision for the world in terms of body image (specifically for women)?

To be healthy and confident. There’s not a set diet for every single person, there’s not a set workout for every single person. What will shine through is confidence.

 Kaitlyn being an attentive teacher and confident lady boss all in one day.   Author:  Ali Weeks

Kaitlyn being an attentive teacher and confident lady boss all in one day. 

Author: Ali Weeks

Kaitlyn Rhoades