3 Ways to Build Yourself this Holiday Season

Now’s that time of year when our calendars are bursting with parties, our ovens are warm with fresh cookies…and our wellness habits get left by the wayside.

We want you to stay healthy during the holidays, but we also want you to enjoy it. Here are our 3 tips for Building Yourself this Holiday Season.

1) Keep enjoying moderation

With all the parties and family gatherings, you may feel your pants fitting a little snug — and that’s ok. It’s important to not limit ourselves so much that we feel like we’re held back from experiences. So I say enjoy your holiday feasts! Savor the meals — and desserts! — and focus on how wonderful it is to enjoy delicious food and drink with the people you love. Stop eating when you’re full, drink plenty of water, and appreciate that this is not your normal routine. When you do have a quiet evening, balance things out with a meal rich in veggies, whole grains, and lean protein. You’ll feel better physically, and you’ll feel better about indulging yourself at the next party, too.

When we stop judging ourselves and allow ourselves to just be who we are, we can be truly present in the moment. Not only does that allow us to more fully enjoy ourselves, but it often results in us taking better care of ourselves, anyway.

2) Squeeze in workouts when you can

This time of year completely throws off our routines, and that often means our workouts go out the window. Again, try to remember that this is ok. It’s not forever. But you will feel a lot better physically and mentally if you work some physical activity into your day. Can’t get to a class or gym? Our summer Travel Workouts are just as effective when there’s snow on the ground!

Travel Workout #1: Oceanside Abs

Travel Workout #2: Planks in the Park

Travel Workout #3: Beach Bums

Travel Workout #4: Backyard Back Series

3) Stay sane around family

Family time brings out the best and worst in all of us. If you’re about to have dinner with an aunt who just won’t stop asking about your naked left ring finger, avoid frustration by mentally preparing yourself ahead of time. Breathing exercises are portable anywhere, and exercise really will help your mind as much as your body (another endorsement for our travel workouts!). Also, think of a few kind but firm ways to respond that won’t leave either of you upset, and be ready with a change of subject in the next breath. And remember, she really does want the best for you...even if she doesn’t know how to show it.


Happy Holidays from all of us at OnPointe Training!

Author: Ali Weeks

Ali Weeks