Show Yourself Some Love

This Valentine’s Day, take care of yourself first: when we feel healthy and happy, we’re so much better equipped to take care of our sweethearts. Here are our tips for being your own valentine.

1) Check off the basics

This is easily a lifetime of work, but when you get enough sleep, drink enough water, and eat right, everything else feels manageable.

2) Challenge yourself

I took from a teacher recently who started her class talking about lobsters. She spoke about how their external skeletons don’t grow. When lobsters get too big for their shells, they have to shed them and grow another, and their only impetus for starting this process is getting extremely uncomfortable as their current shell becomes too small.

The point? Discomfort breeds growth.

If your Pilates classes feel easy, ask your instructor how you can improve. If you’re stuck at an 8 minute mile, try a circuit class or biking instead. Challenge yourself to do something new so you can emerge with a shiny new shell.

3) Fit in some flexibility

Being on too strict of a diet or an unreasonably rigid workout schedule is a recipe for inevitable failure and guilt. Give yourself permission to be human — make sure to include rest days and indulge yourself every once in a while.

Happy Valentine’s Day from OnPointe Pilates!

Author: Ali Weeks

Ali Weeks